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Welcome to the Gates Recreation and Parks Department website. Our administrative offices are open Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM. All programs will be held as scheduled today. Please see the DEPARTMENT NEWS items below for program information and updates. Please contact our office, as indicated to the right, or call 426-1670 for updates and information. Use the links below to locate our department services and information:

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Gates Recreation and Parks Department Program Offerings

Gates Recreation & Parks Department has announced the 2015 Spring & Summer Program Listing is now on-line and 2015 Spring & Summer Recreation Program Brochure have been mailed to all Gates residents and registration continues.

The programs listed below begin shortly or have begun, so select the program(s) that interest you!

Day Tennis Instruction
This tennis program is set up to accommodate all levels of play for ages 5 to 18 years. You will learn basic strokes, which you will be able to use in drills and games that will show you tennis can be a lot of fun to play.

Read more.

Gates Chili Color Guard Spin Fest!
This unique program is designed to take either the novice or advanced performer in the pageantry world of colorguard/winterguard and make them into a strong performer. Read more.

Summer Playgrounds
​Gates Recreation and Parks Department has announced registration has begun for this summer's Summer Playground Program. This daily activity program offers a wide range of activities and experiences. We will provide children an opportunity to explore new activities along with past fun favorites. Read more.

Summer Concert Series
The Gates Recreation and Parks Department has planned a summer of great entertainment that is sure to please. The first concert of the season is Bad Grandpas on Sunday, July 12th, is a 4-piece pop/rock band, that plays music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Read more.

Melody Kids
Gates Recreation and Parks Department is offering a new session of Melody Kids. Wouldn't your child or children enjoy singing, dancing, exploring simple instruments (egg shakers, jingle bells & rhythm sticks) and creating fun songs?  This class, offered for ages 6 months to 4 years on Monday, July 13 - 27, is created for young children and parents to learn musical skills. Read more.

Cheerleading Camp
Here's something to cheer about! The Gates Chili High School Cheerleading staff will be teaching basic, intermediate and advanced skills of cheerleading on Monday through Thursday, July 13 through 16 for ages 7 to 18 years. Read more.

Triple STAR Musical Theater
This all-inclusive theater workshop, open to ages 14 to 20 years beginning Tuesday, July 14th, gives you an opportunity to showcase your singing and acting talents with an evening showcase. Read more.

AARP Mature Driving
The American Association for Retired Persons is offering on Wednesday, July 15 and Friday, July 17, a retraining program designed to meet the needs of motorists over 50 years of age. Read more.

Woodlands Disc Golf Tourney
Join us for our second annual Disc Golf Tournament on Sunday, June 19th. This will be a fun, competitive disc golf tournament, open to everyone ages 16 years and over. Read more.

Baseball Camp
You will receive instruction to develop skills in hitting, base running, throwing, and defensive fielding, offensive and defensive strategies, and physical conditioning during this camp for youth ages 8 - 16 by 8/1/2015, which is scheduled for Monday through Friday, July 20 to 24 and July 27 to 31. Read more.

Lego Robotics Summer Camp
The Lego Robotics Summer Camp, scheduled for Friday, July 24, is a camp designed for youth ages 9 - 14 years to work with the Lego Mindstorms Kits. You will learn basic programming techniques and how to work with the sensors in the kit and get a chance to try out your robot on a field, using several of the sensors. Read more.

Drop-in Programs or Registration Still Being Accepted
Gates Recreation and Parks Department has a number of programs and activities that have begun, but are drop-in programs or registration is still being accepted, so select the program(s) that interest you! Read more.

Other Department News

Gates Recreation and Parks Commission Approved Minutes
The Gates Recreation and Parks Commission has announced it has approved and posted it's 2015 May Meeting Minutes. Select the "About Gates Rec & Pks" tab above to read all the approved Commission Meeting Minutes for the previous year. Read more about the Recreation and Parks Commission.

Gates-Chili Community Events Sign Up Available
Gates-Chili Community Events has announced the opportunity for area residents to sign up for the Gates-Chili Community Events email newsletter. Each month you will receive an email newsletter about events at the Gates Recreation & Parks, Chili Public Library, Chili Parks & Recreation, Episcopal Senior Life, Gates-Chili Continuing Education, Gates Public Library, and the Westside YMCA by signing up.​ Sign Up Today!

 Why Summer is the Time to Visit Parks
Summer vacation is the perfect time to visit one of the national or state parks, Jon Mertz writes. He offers six suggestions, including Zion National Park and Black Hills National Forest. "We need to get back to nature to recapture our spirit. We need to recapture the summer vacation to renew our relationships with self and others," he writes. Read more.